body building meals

When it comes to body building, you might have come across certain healthy eating facts like – eat more proteins and ditch the oily food. But when it comes to making a meal, how many recipes are there which you could actually try out on a regular basis? The answer is quite a few! There are plenty of body building meals which you can try out.

Proper nutrition is essential to keep you fueled. Also, no matter what the healthy eating facts may be, you cannot rely on tasteless food all the time. If you are too hard on yourself, chances are that your body will revolt. In a diet, especially in body building meals, there is plenty of opportunity to find the right balance between taste and nutrition.

Some of these recipes below will prove just this:

  1. Barbeque Chicken Wrapped Asparagus:

Very few can say no to a delicious barbeque chicken along with asparagus. It is stacked with proteins and is a very well recommended item for your body building. The added plus is that it is very easy to cook and carry. You can put different spices and make a different flavor out of it every day.

  1. Stuffed Chicken Breasts:

Who doesn’t love a stuffed chicken breast on a meal? The best way to use this meal to your advantage is to stuff it with all the proteins and the vitamins which are lacking from your diet – meaning using those vegetables to make the stuffing which are both healthy and delicious. This way you have the perfect meal which makes both your taste buds and your muscles happy!

  1. Spicy Steak Kebabs with Potato:

Steak kebabs are no light dish. Each serving contain as much as 475 calories and 45g carbs. If you choose the right ingredients to make this combo then it could be one of the most effective body building meals you are having during the day. Usually it is advised that you go with zucchini, beef and bell pepper to add to the taste – but you can either go with it or change it slightly.

  1. Fancy a burger? Make yourself a Fish Burger:

A Fish burger is one of the easiest items to make and in fact, you can make this really quickly and have it for a long time! Fish and patties are good as long as you are making them with the right ingredients. So check out the recipes for fish burger.

  1. Lean Beef Meatball Spinach Pasta:

Healthy eating facts suggest that you need as much green in your diet as you need animal protein. What best way to get both than this delicious meal? In fact body building meals with these ingredients are delicious, healthy and affordable. So you can definitely go with them. What’s more? You can even make this meal using different meat every other day. You have the perfect combo of veggies, meat and carbs without having to break the bank!


  1. Banana Split with Protein Ice Cream and Lean Body Gold Bar:

This is not much of a meal, but a snack but is equally effective – especially after those workout sessions when you get the right pull on the stack and when you have been able to pull the weight which you have been trying to for a long time. Yes, this is a treat of body building meals! Especially because when your body has lost all that extra carbs, you become extra hungry and might want to go after the Ben & Jerry’s straight. But don’t. Instead, have this bar – it will help you to make your muscle and also fill you up nicely.

  1. Baked Mustard with Grilled Asparagus:

Mustard is totally jam packed with proteins, but apart from that, it has some other healthy nutrients as well. This is why it is an essential food to include in your body building meals list. In fact, you can alter this food with #5 and have it on alternate days to change the taste. Nevertheless, salmon is one of the best sources of protein but it is also hard to cook. Once you are able to cook it effectively, you should be able to continue doing it.

  1. Cheese Stuffed Chicken breast with Brown Rice with Spinach and Tomatoes:

This is one of the chicken recipes that you can alter with #2 – or if you are too bored with your stuffed chicken breast recipe. Usually people want to go with body building meals that are rice-less, because rice has some saturated fats. This is why you can go with this once in a while. Be warned though – this dish might become one of your favorites.

  1. Omlette Sandwich:

This one’s again a breakfast meal on a very tight budget. But don’t neglect this food just because it is on a very restricted budget – it constitutes one of the very important parts of your meal. Many people tend to ignore breakfasts and skip it altogether in hopes of shedding kilos easily. But losing calories with breakfast is a myth. In fact, it can lower your metabolism because your body remains in a state of starvation for the most part of the night and you need to refuel it with breakfast otherwise your body thinks you are on a starvation mode.

  1. Chicken Humus Wrap:

This is a food for those who need quick meals during lunch to get back to their work fast. Again this is a very healthy and affordable meal – it only takes about $2.50 to assimilate all the ingredients and make it. Each serving consists of around 283 calories – perfect for having a mid day snack as well. You can quickly wrap it up as a burrito and have it on the go while you have to return to your desk quickly. This will save you from consuming the processed foods available near your office and will also help you to keep that stay in shape oath you took this year!

These healthy body building meals prove that you don’t need to sacrifice tasty food in order to help your weight lifting strategy. They are the perfect combination of good taste as well as all the nutrients that your body needs to build those muscles and have a fab body.

body building meals

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