Weight Loss by Eating 5 Meals per Day ?

Eating five meals per day when you are trying to lose weight is an approved formula that can help you avoid feeling overly hungry or deprived. It can also help you stabilize your energy and blood sugar levels so that controlling your overall calorie intake becomes more manageable. However, this method has to go with your work schedule as well as your concerns of feeling deprived and hungry when you don’t eat enough food. So why eating 5 meals a daily is one of the best way to lose weight?

If you’re new to dieting, eating five meals per day can help you develop a better connection to your feelings of fullness and hunger. Because you will be taking small meals , you will eat till you edge your way off out of hunger – not until you are stuffed. Five small meals may also help calm the hunger signals and serious cravings that come along with wild fluctuations in blood sugar levels – which affect many people.

Giving yourself ‘a go-ahead’ to eat often and regularly also helps prevent binge episodes and overeating. A recent study shows that eating five meals daily helps stimulate fast fat burning there by enabling you to lose more weight. But what else must you do to supplement this  weight loss dieting?

Ensure Your Meals Contain More Protein

Protein is fuels fat burning. It may sound surprising, but it’s a scientific fact that our bodies can’t effectively use and burn fat if they don’t get help from either protein or carbohydrate. As your body loses weight, it loses both fat and muscle. During this process it’s especially vital that you continue to include enough protein in each of your 5 daily meals to boost metabolism. Having sufficient protein coming in from your meals helps fuel fat burning while conserving lean calorie-burning muscle.

Jog Regularly

The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) did note that even though sedentary individuals don’t see any weight loss impact as a result of increased meal rate, active people who keep a tight rein on calories can lose more fat and less lean body mass when they observe five small meals daily. Little research has been done on why small, frequent meals benefit end up benefiting athletes more than the sedentary people, however.

If you’re active, plan to eat 2 of your 5 meals during training time – have a small protein meal an hour or so before to increase your energy levels and another one afterwards to refill your energy banks and facilitate muscle repair.

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