Eating healthy while pregnant

           Being constantly worried about doing and saying the right thing ,eating healthy and being careful ;is a 9 month dilemma for almost every pregnant woman . When it comes to having a healthy pregnancy diet there is no magic formula. In fact, during pregnancy the basic principles of eating healthy are the same. However, a few nutrients in a pregnancy diet are more important than other. here is what top the list;

Calcium , Folate and folic acid , Vitamin D , Iron , Protein … etc , in other words make sure to eat more vegetables , more fruits and anything healthy and home cocked would be just good for you and for the baby too of cours

  Food , with no doubts , effects how our bodies work , how we heal and grow , and how we think as well . It also determines the basic nutritional health that our children are born with, and it’s indirectly a guide for there eating habits , because scientifically proven children tend to like the food there mom’s were eating during pregnancy .

 So keep in mind that pregnancy is the only time when your eating habits will be affecting someone else’s life literally . so be wise and think before making any food decision .


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