A painful or stiff neck is usually due to a muscle strain or spasm, Caused by poor posture or a minor injury. You may suffer from a stiff neck and shoulders if you sit hunched over a computer for long periods, or you may wake with a stiff neck if you sleep awkwardly. Pain may also be felt in your head, shoulders, arms, or upper back and may be worse when you turn your head or look up or down. Pain and stiffness can also be due to a “whiplash injury”, arthritis in the spine, or an underlying illness or injury.

Here is some tips that you can try yourself to help with you stiff neck;

  • Continue with normal activities as far as the pain allows. If the pain is bad, however, you may need to rest your neck for the first day or two.
  • A padded collar may help support your neck. You can make a collar by rolling up a hand towel and putting it into one leg of a pair of pantyhose, then gently securing it around your neck. Only wear a collar for a short period, and don’t wear it at night.
  • Start gentle neck exercises as soon as you are able to do so. ( you can Google some neck exercises ) .
  • To relieve a muscle spasm, stand under a warm shower, or place a covered hot-water bottle or a heating pad on the back of your neck, for 15 minutes every few hours.
  • Use a supportive pillow in bed. Alternatively, make a neck-support pillow by tying a scarf or bandage around the middle of a pillow to form a butterfly shape. Rest your head on the narrow part.

            If none of the above is helping ,  if  the soreness or stiffness is getting worse and if the problem has not eased after 2 days , you may need to consider seeing a doctor .

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