how to manage depression

How to Beat Depression with Physical Workouts

Get in shape and be happy increasing the happy hormones inside your body by performing these daily work outs and exercises. If you are thinking how to regulate your emotions and how to manage depression, take up any exercise that involves physical activity that is not very rigorous and helps you beat depression and anxiety. By performing these exercises not only will you get back in shape and get a rocking body but also stimulate happy chemicals and release endorphins that help you stay happy. This will alleviate your anxiety and you will enjoy being outdoors by taking up these exercises.

Physical activities

Simple physical activities like walking, jogging, and running in the morning times can give you multiple benefits and you will know how to manage depression by doing this. A physical activity like, walking, jogging, etc can decrease the body fat, help build muscles, gives a firm skin tone, make you athletic. It allows you to be more active and less sedentary. When you start moving your body around instead of lying down due to depression and anxiety, you are allowing yourself and your body to breath and remove fatigue and toxins within your body. Regular movement of the body in the form of an exercise of your choice that has repetitive physical activity can help you beat depression gradually. If you are dealing with severe or chronic depression, then a family member can help you initiate in this activity and get you started with physical exercise.

Group exercises

These are the best forms of exercises if you want to know how to manage depression. You will not have to depend on anti depressants or anxiety pills when you take up this group physical activity. A group dance exercise like Zumba is a great work out to get in shape and also remove the shadow of depression from your body. You will also get to meet new people and this helps you stay away from negative thoughts and anxious thought patterns. When you start focusing more and more on the physical activity and start meeting more people, it will instill within yourself confidence and a sense of hope. You will start beaming with happiness again and gain positive attitude towards life.

how to manage depression


When you do a physical activity even for 30 minutes every day, your body will start sweating, releasing pent up toxins and fats. This helps you in breathe harder and take more amount of oxygen inside your body. When your body releases sweat, it promotes a happy hormone called endorphin, keeping you stress free. You will be able to regulate your emotions and live a better life and this is how to manage depression, through exercise. When you are building muscles, by carrying weights, even if they are lighter weights, this kind of a simple weight training program boosts your energy and also happiness helping you beat depression. Yoga is said to beat depression and help you develop a different perspective of life.


There are many physical work outs like the Tai Chi, which is a solution on how to manage depression. This is a traditional Chinese physical activity that works well for severe as well as chronic depression. Within a period of three months, patients who practice Tai chi start showing improvements. These are the work out that need to be done early in the morning. They are especially, carried out in groups so that the people suffering from depression can benefit better from this activity. Your body will be detoxed form all kinds of chemicals in the brain causing depression.


It is vital that you significantly improve your diet and change your lifestyle when you are dealing with depression, there are healthy eating facts that you must follow. You must reduce smoking and drinking alcohol, when you are in the process of managing depression. You must inculcate foods that are rich in folic acid and omega3fatty acids. The greens like spinach, collard greens, turnip greens, etc are great to fight depression, along with exercising. You can also include walnuts, fish, turkey, low fat dairy foods like skim milk, yogurt, and also foods like whole grains. A healthy eating fact about whole grains is that it gives your bodies that do good and feel good feeling. You can also drink herbal tea, like the green tea, as it is rich in anti oxidants and has amino acids that help fight depression. Spices like the turmeric also helps boost the mood of people suffering from depression. As per a few healthy eating facts, you can add some turmeric to your dishes and get benefits of curing depression buy consuming this spice daily.


Work out alone is not good enough to cure depression. Though, daily physical activity benefits greatly in curing depression, you still need to make some dietary and lifestyle changes. In order to beat the negative thought patterns, you must avoid sedentary life style. Move around a bit and push yourself to be amongst groups so you stay cheerful and happy. When you are alone with your thoughts, the chances of being depressed can increase further. When you start your day with something as positive and as constructive as a physical activity, you can expect a speedy improvement. When you start focusing on the physical activity, all of the thoughts in your mind will be singularly focused on that activity and you will learn to live in the present.


Whether you hit the gym for Pilates training, weight training, or any kind of physical activity, you will be at a greater benefit. There is no specific gym exercise directed towards managing depression. But what is recommended is you start by lifting light weights and then increase the set ups and reps. This is a gradual process to deal with depression and also stay in shape. Staying in shape would increase your self esteem and you will start feeling better about yourself when you get back in shape. You will be able to appreciate all that you have and look at the brighter side of life. Your health and diet will also see a significant improvement and you will be able to create a balanced life for yourself.

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