The Body Transformation Blueprint

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The Body Transformation Blueprint is a program that comes in electronic form. You can consume it on any mobile or computer device. It contains easy to follow tips and directions on how to eat healthy and how to exercise effectively in order to gain muscle mass but lose weight at the same time. This review is written by a “gym rat”. I can proudly say that I’m going to the gym for the last 3 and half years, but there wasn’t any success at all. I got the size, but the definition was lacking. So, I decided to try out this program because my experience and average genetics didn’t helped much. I wanted to find something different and I definitely found it in “The Body Transformation Blueprint”.

What does the program promises?

This program promises several things:

  • Muscle growth
  • Fat loss
  • Increase in strength
  • Improved health

This is achieved through various things included in the program. Weight training is the basis, but even though I thought I knew a lot about weight lifting, you will find some amazing information in this part (like the volume, selection, rep speed, resting between sets) that helps you to workout effectively. Then there is a lot of information about how to burn fat like cardio programs, intensity, exercises and many more. Of course there is nutrition plans and guidelines that you must follow. The program also gets real and tells you which supplements you must use and which ones work and which don’t. In the program there is also feature that will enable you to follow your progress. I was amazed of how well the program is designed and how much valuable information is included. Now I will talk about the implementation and price.

Does this really work?

As I said I was really determined to have a ripped body because I was tired of exercising without any real results. My short comment would be that it works! Yes, I have achieved great results just because there are so many great exercising techniques and cardio exercises that actually unlocked my body’s full potential. Also, the nutrition plans are something that I’ve never seen so far in my fitness life. There are so many unique meals and nutrition tips. I was surprised by the supplements tips as well, yes I was using the wrong combination of proteins and amino. Although, at first sight, this section of the program seemed like a sponsored one, in order to fully try the program I went with it and acquired the suggested supplements. The end result was more than satisfactory. What I also like to emphasize was that I truly followed the program and tracked my progress through the software that comes with the program.

If you do implement everything in the program, then you should definitely see some results. I followed all exact steps and I have seen incredible results, but I got the will and determination! I mean I always had that, but with no effective results. With this program it was all different.

With this program I’ve gained 2 pounds, but my waist shrank and my abs finally started to look good. The upper body size increased and my arms and overall looks now are more muscular and defined. I feel much better, have more strength to lift heavier and my endurance has never been better. Expect that as well if you fully and truly follow the program. I achieved muscular appearance from average genetics and looks – I’m truly impressed. That is why I recommend it for beginners and lifters that hardly gain muscle mass or lose fat.

How much it costs?

The program costs $77, but you will have 60 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. After you buy it, you will get 3 month support from the author and you can ask any type of questions.

Is it easy to implement and how long till you see results?

I can say that I’m experienced weight lifter and this was extremely easy to follow for me, although I found so many exercises that I didn’t knew. For beginners it will be the same because the exercises are described in details and with “step by step” explanations. The meal plans are not hard to follow as well. There are some really good tricks and you will never be hungry. Just active, energetic and fit!

I have seen notable results in 2 weeks of implementation. After the first month I felt stronger and already started looking ripped. However, after the full implementation of the program (90 days) the results will peak. So, in 90 days you will be a completely new person!

The Body Transformation Blueprint Pros

  • Easy to follow program
  • Unique set of tips, exercise and nutrition plans
  • Guaranteed results
  • Support from the creator
  • 60 day – money back guarantee

The Body Transformation Blueprint Pros

  • some people may lose will and motivation
  • some of the exercises may be hard to implement

Conclusion – Is it worth buying?

Most certainly this program is totally worth every penny. There is so much useful information that can give you great results no matter if you are just starting or you are exercising for a long time. It is great for weight loss, muscle increase and strength and overall improving. For the beginners this program can act like a great path and guideline to achieve fast results. For the experienced lifters, like myself, this program can serve as the next level in getting as ripped and muscular as possible. The fact that you can contact the creator (who looks amazing by the way) is also a huge plus. I’ve personally contacted him and the response from him was always concise and fast. He is responsive and can really give valuable tips. The Body Transformation Blueprint can really change and improve your life with this program. It has most certainly helped me achieve the best shape of my life!


The Body Transformation Blueprint

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