Research have proven that stretching before and after any physical exercise is most likely to reduce your risk of injury , improve your performance and prevent sore muscles .

And for a lot of people it represents an enjoyment in the beginning and end of each exercise, it might even be the reason and motive for them to exercise in the first place. Moreover stretching can also helps with your flexibility, which increases the ability of a joint to move through its full range of motion; in other words, how far it can bend, twist and reach. A lot of activities require more flexibility more than other and it’s always a good thing to be flexible, right !

Last but not least , research have also shown that there is no harm in stretching , so even if you don’t see it as important try it from time to time , and it is granted that you’ll feel as relaxed as you never been and you will not wake up as sore as usual and you will also sleep well and more than that you will actually enjoy your exercise by having a time for yourself when you can be in peace . So what are you waiting STRETCH .

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