Your guide to never feeling Tired again

Everyone feels tired after physical exertion or long periods of hard work. A good night’s sleep usually solves the problem, but sometimes fatigue seems to drag on days , and can interfere with your daily activities which is never good when you need to get work done . So if you’re feeling tired all the time,  try the following adjustments to help you get your energy back .

  • Even if you think you don’t have time , try to fit at least 6 hours of sleep a day . And especially do not overdo things and then try to catch up in the weekend , because this will do nothing but disturb your sleep routine .
  • Never miss breakfast. Include fresh vegetables , fruits , whole-grain bread and brown rice in your diet . cut down on fatty foods and if you can’t eat then try to juice .
  • Check that you are not overweight or too thin . and remember to lose or gain weight if you need to do so gradually .
  • Try to have some ‘ Me time ‘ in your day , when you can have access to fresh air , maybe exercise .
  • If you have had a viral illness , such as the flu or mononucleosis , it may take you some time before you’re back to normal . Take time off to recover and take things easy when you return to work or school .
  • If stress is contribution , which is most of the time the case , them make more time for leisure activities . try some deep breath exercises or do any type of activity that has nothing to do with your work so can get your mind of it .

If None of these help , maybe you need to see a doctor  especially if you feel tired  constantly without having any reason that could cause so . however having a look at your daily activities and well planning your day/time will definitely have a positive pay back.

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